Anna Deveare Smith brings “Notes from the Field”

October 6th: the promo I saw a Facebook post today that made me smile. Hard. Wide. Wisftfully. Nostalgically. One of my “idols” — the incomparable Anna Deavere Smith — was performing at my old workplace, Second Stage Theatre. Why the wist? A dozen years or so ago, I’d have been working on that show. Seeing that show poster reminded me of how there was something kinda magical about … Continue reading Anna Deveare Smith brings “Notes from the Field”

Heather Headly shines on

Written and published in CariVele Magazine for their special issue commemorating the 50th anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s independence Any list of Trinidadians of distinction would be grossly incomplete if ever omitting Heather Headley. Easily one of the most driven and multi-talented of Trinidadian artists who have excelled abroad, she has already made history as a ground-breaking actress and singer – and she is not even … Continue reading Heather Headly shines on

Review: Blood and Gifts (2010) at the National Theatre | ArtsHub UK

The was originally published on ArtsHub (UK) as “Blood & Gifts” at London’s National Theatre The saying goes that those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. And it would seem that 150 years of failed Western attempts at gaining the upper hand in Afghanistan was not enough to dissuade British, Russian or American and NATO forces from attempting to advance their own political and … Continue reading Review: Blood and Gifts (2010) at the National Theatre | ArtsHub UK

Review: Carnival Messiah (2004)

I had heard all the buzz, and I’d read the awful deconstructions in the press, and was eager to see how I felt about Carnival Messiah. As I expected, I could see where the strong feelings for and against the production had originated. The programme described it as a ‘two-hour spectacular’, but in reality, it was some three and a half hours later that I made my exit from the … Continue reading Review: Carnival Messiah (2004)