Caroline Taylor quote meme

Giving a meme interview

I’m late on posting this, but a few months ago some colleagues at the new arts & media outfit, A Big Box of Crayons, interviewed me for their “20 shades of crayon” series. You can read the full interview here. The good folks over at the Trinidad & Tobago Performing Arts Network picked up the story…and turned some of the interview into a meme. So, I … Continue reading Giving a meme interview

“Theatre is life, film is art, TV is furniture”

I think it’s nearly 10 years I’ve been trying to decide whether I agree with this! I first heard it said by Phylicia Rashad on a New York TV station, and I’ve been mulling it ever since. I thought I disagreed with it, actually thinking film was more life-like and theatre more “artful” – at least from the actor’s perspective – but I think I … Continue reading “Theatre is life, film is art, TV is furniture”

Golden voices | Caribbean Beat

Originally written for and published in Caribbean Beat magazine in 2013 The half-century anniversary of Trinidad’s popular Marionettes Chorale It was all a little inevitable. My mother was the conductor, and my two godmothers were the executive management. Some of my best-established blackmailers are those who can recount me “conducting” from the audience as a pre-schooler, with frilly white socks on my hands. Dubbed a “Marionette-ette” by … Continue reading Golden voices | Caribbean Beat

Heather Headly shines on

Written and published in CariVele Magazine for their special issue commemorating the 50th anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s independence Any list of Trinidadians of distinction would be grossly incomplete if ever omitting Heather Headley. Easily one of the most driven and multi-talented of Trinidadian artists who have excelled abroad, she has already made history as a ground-breaking actress and singer – and she is not even … Continue reading Heather Headly shines on