Christmas gift suggestions (hint: buy local!)

This year, why not tap into the passions and interests of your loved ones, and either get them something locally made, or help them make a difference to a local cause or NGO they care about? Whether it’s a Christmas album from a local musician or group (holla if you want any of the multitude the Marionettes has, or to donate to the Property Fund … Continue reading Christmas gift suggestions (hint: buy local!)

Take Back the Night. Image via Kent State University

Taking back more than the night

It stopped being “take back the night” a long time ago, didn’t it? It’s take back the day, the night, the street, the mall, the workplace, the classroom, the home, the church/mosque/mandir/etc, the community, and so many hearts and minds… We’re almost like a society walking around with chronic PTSD, where the symptoms only get more and more acute the closer and more directly we’ve come to … Continue reading Taking back more than the night

Notes from the Field

October 6th: the promo I saw a Facebook post today that made me smile. Hard. Wide. Wisftfully. Nostalgically. One of my “idols” — the incomparable Anna Deavere Smith — was performing at my old workplace, Second Stage Theatre. Why the wist? A dozen years or so ago, I’d have been working on that show. Seeing that show poster reminded me of how there was something kinda magical about … Continue reading Notes from the Field