Music Pirates: Time to Walk the Plank

Trinidad and Tobago has made an immense contribution to regional and international music with calypso, the steel pan, soca and more. But unfortunately, we have not done enough to support these local artists and inventors by buying legal copies of their music, from which they might actually garner some income. Instead, via illicit music downloading and sharing, and most lucratively for pirates on the streets … Continue reading Music Pirates: Time to Walk the Plank

On “Artiste” & “Master Artist”

I’ll start with “artiste“, because its senseless use is far more tangible to me, while I entertain that there may be some sort of rationale for the employment of the term “master artist” that I have not yet encountered. Let’s start at the beginning. Trinis have this thing where anybody who is a performer of any kind may be referred to as an “artiste”, with … Continue reading On “Artiste” & “Master Artist”

How to download music like it’s 2001

This was a piece written for the Trinidad Express in mid-2001 All logged on and no music to download. Like many other internet addicts, music junkies and college students who’ve been spoiled by high speed internet access, downloading free music from Napster had become a staple in my existence. But then it all came crashing down. The music industry in the US sued Napster about … Continue reading How to download music like it’s 2001