“Theatre is life, film is art, TV is furniture”

I think it’s nearly 10 years I’ve been trying to decide whether I agree with this! I first heard it said by Phylicia Rashad on a New York TV station, and I’ve been mulling it ever since. I thought I disagreed with it, actually thinking film was more life-like and theatre more “artful” – at least from the actor’s perspective – but I think I … Continue reading “Theatre is life, film is art, TV is furniture”

Arts criticism/reviewing in Trinidad & Tobago: is there any?

Why isn’t there a culture of real feedback, reviewing or criticism in T&T? It’s something I’ve heard artists and (good) journalists & editors complain about for years: that there isn’t a real core of reviewers and “critics” (however infuriating they me be) to actually give feedback on our cultural products. I can’t remember the last time I read a proper review of local art, music, … Continue reading Arts criticism/reviewing in Trinidad & Tobago: is there any?

Susan Boyle’s answers to Larry King (check & mate)

LARRY KING: Susan, you’re single. In fact you say you’ve never been kissed. Now you’re getting piles of fan mail. How will this change your life? SUSAN BOYLE: I won’t be lonely. I certainly won’t be lonely any more! LK: Will you date? Will you change the way you look? Your dress, your hair, your style? SB: Why should I? Why should I change? It … Continue reading Susan Boyle’s answers to Larry King (check & mate)

Love after love | Caribbean Beat

Originally written for and published in Caribbean Beat magazine in 2008 Painting the Spectrum: A Celebration of Love It takes a fair amount of courage to put on a film festival in the Caribbean. Resources are often limited in terms of funding, venues, and sourcing Caribbean-oriented material. Nevertheless, in the last few years, festivals have emerged in several Caribbean nations, including Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, St … Continue reading Love after love | Caribbean Beat

Cherrie blossoms | Caribbean Beat

Originally written for and published in Caribbean Beat magazine in 2007 If you’ve been to Trinidad, you might have shared a taxi with Michael Cherrie, or passed him on the streets of Port of Spain or Trincity en route to a class, a rehearsal, a show, or a shoot. You might not have known that this genial fellow wearing the khaki shorts, T-shirt, sandals and backpack … Continue reading Cherrie blossoms | Caribbean Beat

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Ever try doing an Amazon.com search with the keyword “Caribbean”, and notice that the only thing that comes up is Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, last summer’s blockbuster comes up for a bit more criticism than hijacking my search for Caribbean books and music online. There’s a controversial scene in the second installment of Disney’s series, Dead Man’s Chest, involving Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) … Continue reading Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Six degrees of separation

I’m watching one of those investigative programmes on American television at the moment, testing out the whole six degrees of separation theory. As it turns out, both their local and international experiments do average out at about 6 connections, and in the same city it can be reduced to four. For us folks who grew up on a small island, how many people do you … Continue reading Six degrees of separation