SOS: Saving Tobago’s turtles | Caribbean Beat

Originally written for and published in Caribbean Beat magazine in 2011 It’s 4 am. Weary volunteers from Save Our Sea Turtles (SOS Tobago) have been patrolling the beaches since 8 pm the night before, ensuring that the evening’s nesting turtles and their hatchlings go undisturbed by poachers, predators, or even fascinated onlookers. In another 90 minutes or so, the sun will rise over the Caribbean Sea – just in … Continue reading SOS: Saving Tobago’s turtles | Caribbean Beat

Haiti – How to Help

Image via Wikipedia By now we’ve probably all heard of the devastating earthquake and aftershocks which have ravaged Haiti. And each of us, no matter where we are, can help. According to this article by Global Post, it is also preferable to donate in cash, rather than in kind. We know it’s difficult to choose where to make a donation, and recommend Charity Navigator’s explanation … Continue reading Haiti – How to Help

Know, honour, innovate (pet peeve pt.2?)

I think folks need to be very careful before declaring themselves “the first” to do something that’s “never been done before”, especially on a small island or coming from a “third world country” (grimace). The smallness of the island or the developing-ness of the nation often belies the contributions of significant trailblazers who have gone before, whose achievements have not always been adequately documented, honoured … Continue reading Know, honour, innovate (pet peeve pt.2?)

Arts criticism/reviewing in Trinidad & Tobago: is there any?

Why isn’t there a culture of real feedback, reviewing or criticism in T&T? It’s something I’ve heard artists and (good) journalists & editors complain about for years: that there isn’t a real core of reviewers and “critics” (however infuriating they me be) to actually give feedback on our cultural products. I can’t remember the last time I read a proper review of local art, music, … Continue reading Arts criticism/reviewing in Trinidad & Tobago: is there any?

Haiti in desperate need

At the MEP website, we posted on this more than a month ago (see More Than Sorry: Helping Haiti Rebuild of September 16), but the United Nations is still pleading with organisations and individuals globally to urgently assist with donations that enable relief and recovery efforts in storm-battered, poverty-afflicted Haiti. I’m actually a little surprised that the response has been inadequate. Yet, not surprised at … Continue reading Haiti in desperate need

It’s about time…

There are quite a few Caribbean people who may want to eviscerate me for this, but I am delighted that international corporations, rights groups, and others are putting pressure on conservative and regressive Caribbean governments (Jamaica and St Kitts for the moment) on human rights and animal abuses. If we want to play the capitalist game, there are capitalist consequences when those who’ve got more … Continue reading It’s about time…

A green island?

Fairly progressively (and hearteningly), the Turks & Caicos government – under Premier Michael Misick – has promised that the islands will create the region’s first “green island”. The island in question is the 2.5-mile Salt Cay, which was once upon a time was the centrepiece of the Bermudan salt industry. The announcement was made in conjunction with press about the upcoming 10th Annual Caribbean Conference … Continue reading A green island?