My Carnival 2011 soca picks

There’s a lot of good music out there this year, methinks. These are my favourites for 2K11. Would love to hear yours, since I’m sure there are any I haven’t heard, forgot, or should revisit! 🙂 So in alphabetical order, but categorised a la Soca Monarch…except for a list of things I’m ashamed to say are growing on me. *sigh* I’ve put asterisks by the ones … Continue reading My Carnival 2011 soca picks

The Caribbean: great to visit, but not to live?

Well at least they admit it: “like any list, this one isn’t perfect.” Newsweek has opened a hornets’ nest of inter-island and inter-country rivalry (at least in the Caribbean) alongside scepticism from social scientists, journalists and marketing professionals with the release of its first – and now quite controversial – The World’s Best Countries list, featuring the “world’s top 100 countries”. The biggest problem here, … Continue reading The Caribbean: great to visit, but not to live?

Haiti – How to Help

Image via Wikipedia By now we’ve probably all heard of the devastating earthquake and aftershocks which have ravaged Haiti. And each of us, no matter where we are, can help. According to this article by Global Post, it is also preferable to donate in cash, rather than in kind. We know it’s difficult to choose where to make a donation, and recommend Charity Navigator’s explanation … Continue reading Haiti – How to Help

Arts criticism/reviewing in Trinidad & Tobago: is there any?

Why isn’t there a culture of real feedback, reviewing or criticism in T&T? It’s something I’ve heard artists and (good) journalists & editors complain about for years: that there isn’t a real core of reviewers and “critics” (however infuriating they me be) to actually give feedback on our cultural products. I can’t remember the last time I read a proper review of local art, music, … Continue reading Arts criticism/reviewing in Trinidad & Tobago: is there any?

Saying it, since it should be said…

Image via Wikipedia I am so glad Windies won the cricket. Five years without winning a test series. Nine years since we’d lifted that trophy. Inconsistent performance from players, Stanford 20/20 in shambles, cricket board mired in controversy… Like I said, I am so glad the Windies won the cricket against England today. And as a Trini, I am jealous of everyone who was living … Continue reading Saying it, since it should be said…

Haiti in desperate need

At the MEP website, we posted on this more than a month ago (see More Than Sorry: Helping Haiti Rebuild of September 16), but the United Nations is still pleading with organisations and individuals globally to urgently assist with donations that enable relief and recovery efforts in storm-battered, poverty-afflicted Haiti. I’m actually a little surprised that the response has been inadequate. Yet, not surprised at … Continue reading Haiti in desperate need

It’s about time…

There are quite a few Caribbean people who may want to eviscerate me for this, but I am delighted that international corporations, rights groups, and others are putting pressure on conservative and regressive Caribbean governments (Jamaica and St Kitts for the moment) on human rights and animal abuses. If we want to play the capitalist game, there are capitalist consequences when those who’ve got more … Continue reading It’s about time…