Clockwise Grenada | Caribbean Beat

Originally written for and published in Caribbean Beat magazine in 2014 Like many Eastern Caribbean islands, Grenada is small enough to explore on a day-trip, taking in many of the island’s most engaging sights, views, and attractions while following the hour hand of the clock, before the sun goes down. If you want maximum flexibility and are a confident driver — unfazed by bumpy roads and … Continue reading Clockwise Grenada | Caribbean Beat

Pragmatism vs idealism…or something

I am at odds. On the one hand are the succinct, sage but fatalistic words of Trini (West Indian? African diaspora? Universal?) sayings like: “Like who like you” “Bat in yuh crease” “Goat doh make sheep” And the blood-chilling end to the fable that lives in different incarnations in different parts of the world (the scorpion and frog in Aesop, the morrocoy and scorpion in … Continue reading Pragmatism vs idealism…or something

Ella Andall: spirit dancer

Written and published in CariVele Magazine for their special issue commemorating the 50th anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s independence  “I am not afraid to sacrifice for my fellow man Prepare me now to dance this dance, spirit hold my hand… I could make de grade, I could make de grade, I eh ‘fraid…!”             – Spirit Dancer Ella Andall first captured many people’s attention en route to the … Continue reading Ella Andall: spirit dancer

A tweet in need | Caribbean Beat

Originally written for and published in Caribbean Beat magazine in 2013 Much like its predecessors in print and broadcast media, the Internet has been derided for a host of apocalyptic shortcomings. But in between the Instagrammed lunches, public breakups and makeups, prosthelytising posts, and riveting rants, online social media have also proved useful for harnessing the very noblest of human traits. At times of great tragedy and … Continue reading A tweet in need | Caribbean Beat