I’m (mainly) an editor, writer, and performer — a dual T&T and British citizen, born and based in Trinidad, with deep roots in the United Kingdom, and an abiding love for storytelling across disciplines.

Patricia Cumper, Director of Jab Molassie (right) and Caroline Taylor, Assistant Director. Photo: Maria Nunes, Trinidad 2015

Caroline Taylor Medea 2002 7

Caroline Taylor, (New York International Fringe Festival, USA, 2006). Photo: Dixie Sheridan
Caroline Taylor and David Stephens as the Thénardiers. Les Misérables, Trinidad 2014

Cast of "Party Done..." (2015, Trinidad): Cecilia Salazar, Arnold Goindhan, Kevon Brooks, Trevon Jugmohan, Raymond Choo Kong and Caroline Taylor
Nigel Auguste, Caroline Taylor and Leslie Ann Lavine in "Girls on the Side" (Trinidad, 2011). Photo: David Wears

What do I do?

I work in media & publishing, theatre, music, TV & film.

One of the most difficult questions for me to answer is: “What do you do?”  Probably the most succinct answer is: “I tell stories.” On the page, on the stage, on screen, online, in song. Many stories, across many disciplines. This site collects some moments from the journey; I hope they collectively tell their own story. So thanks for passing through — feel free to connect, start a conversation, or hatch a plan to tell stories together! ☺️


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